Peter Slump

Hi I'm a Python web developer from Zwolle, the Netherlands. On this website I publish some blog posts about stuff which keeps me busy. You can also find more information about me and you can contact me.

Hi this is my spickle on the internet. You can read about me or one of the blog posts:

My site available over HTTPS (SSL) using Let's Encrypt and Nginx

Since yesterday (December 3th 2015) Let's Encrypt entered the public beta. Of course I had to test this out! Because my site runs on Nginx and Let's Encrypt doesn't support Nginx (very good), I had to figure some stuff out and I succeed. It is possible to automatically install and renew certificates with an Nginx setup.

Develop Arduino code using Netbeans (8.0.2) on Ubuntu (14.04)

To write libraries for Arduino I do not like the Arduino IDE very much. Because I'm a starter with C/C++ I like a full blown IDE which punches me in the face when I'm doing things wrong. For this I wanted to figure out how to include the Arduino libraries to the IDE but I came up with a complete solution to develop Arduino scripts in Netbeans. I have written a small tutorial as reference.

20x4 LCD (HD44780) screen on a Raspberry Pi

I've connected a 20x4 character LCD to my Raspberry Pi using the GPIO ports